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Upright Elephant Ear

By Meagan Russell
In Blog
May 29th, 2022

styled by Taylor Bennett | photo by Kelly Moore Clark

If you’re looking for a plant that won’t go unnoticed, the Upright Elephant Ear is a stand-out. The beautiful thick leaves can grow up to eight feet and work well in a planter or in the garden.

LIGHT: Elephant ears will grow in sun or shade. If you put them in a hot, sunny location, make sure they get a little shade during the middle of the day.

WATER: Make sure to water frequently. Elephant Ears need consistent moisture throughout the summer, and should not be left to go dry. Droopy leaves will give warning for the plant to recover if watered within a day.

PLANTING: Elephant ears are planted in spring after any danger of frost has passed. The tubers will not grow until the soil is warm, so don’t plant them until the soil temperature is at least 65ºF. Elephant ear tubers can be very slow to sprout. Depending on when and where they are planted, it may take more than a month before you see any sign of growth. Plant elephant ears in rich, well drained soil.