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By Nathan Coker
In Center Block
May 2nd, 2023

styled by Taylor Bennett
photograph by Kelly Moore Clark

Taylor Bennett used his styling genius to create a cozy nook in Tiffany Jones’ kitchen. Find these items and more at area retailers.

On shelf: wood and glass cake dish from Lauren Roebuck Designs, glasses from Woodstock Monroe, plant with dishes art and portrait from Material Things, dishes from Walsworth & Company, landscape from Lauren Roebuck Designs, paper mache bowls from Palette House & Plume, olive tree from Woodstock Monroe. On countertop: potted plant from Parterre, wood bowl and pestle from Ouachita Antique Woods, books and white bowl from Haven, wood bread  board from Walsworth & Company, moth plate from Revival Design & Consign, vinegar and olive oil from Ouachita Antique Woods, salt bowl with spoon from Haven, small wood bread board from Palette House & Plume.