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Cucumber Cooler

By Nathan Coker
In Blog
May 1st, 2024

styled by Taylor Bennett
photograph by Kelly Moore Clark

This refreshing cocktail infuses aloe and melon syrup with crisp cucumbers and absinthe for a glorious, green sip.

What you need:
1 ounce dry gin
1 ounce aloe melon syrup
1/2 ounce lemon juice
5 cucumber wheels
3 cubes honeydew melon
1 dash absinthe
2 oz soda water

Add a dash of absinthe to a cocktail glass and then fill with crushed ice. Muddle cucumber and melon and add to a shaker filled with ice. Next, add gin, syrup and lemon. Shake and strain into glass. Top with soda water. 

How to make the syrup:
In a saucepan, add one tbsp water with a 2 inch piece of aloe vera and 1 1/2 cups of honeydew melon. Simmer for a few minutes. In another pan boil one cup of water. Once it reaches a rolling boil, add water, simmered aloe and melon and sugar to a blender. After blended, strain through a fine mesh and allow to cool before using.