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Bath Escapes

By Meagan Russell
In Center Block
May 1st, 2022

Create a luxury getaway in the comfort of your own bathroom. Take off the day with exfoliators, add relaxing scents and sooth your skin with these bathtime must-haves.

styling by  TAYLOR BENNETT    |    photography  by KELLY MOORE CLARK

Clockwise from top: Sponge – Palette House & Plume, Compagnie De Provence soap – Parterre, Amber & Moss body wash – Ouachita Antique Woods, Jack Henry – Max Porter Provisions, Body brushes – Lauren Roebuck Designs, Maison Louis Marie No. 02 – Palette House & Plume, Beehive soaps – Parterre, Savon soaps – Material Things, Smudge stick – Revival Design, Loofah cloth, soap and dish – Haven, and Lollia bubbling bath – Walsworth & Company