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By Meagan Russell
In AskErin
Oct 1st, 2021

by ERIN SHARPLIN LOVE  |  erinlove@panachebyerin.com

There is never a bad time to decorate -or re-decorate- an area in a home.  In fact, the BEST time is when you begin feeling stagnant or stuck in any aspect of your life. I always like to refresh my home at the beginning of every new season. When you move items around and redo a space with a new furniture arrangement or new décor pieces, you will feel different, or maybe even better than you did with the old arrangement. This is so because with movement and change, you are re-energizing stagnant space, therefore creating a new and uplifting aura around your home. When was the last time you moved things around in your house? Have you been too timid to try something new? If so, let me help guide you a bit. 

First, I want you to understand that none of the blanket terms (Farmhouse, Mid-Century Modern, etc.) will fit everyone perfectly. You might like one style over the other, but it is okay to mix and match, too. The best style is one that you create and that works with your personality and aesthetic. If you don’t stay married to one design, you will feel less stressed and free to have fun trying different ideas. In fact, that is what is so much fun about redecorating for each season. For instance, last fall I went with a black and white buffalo plaid theme, but this year I wanted to try something totally different. I have been drawn to pinks and rusts, so I combined the two for this season. Remember that nothing is permanent. You can change things at your whimsy.  

Now, I bet you are wondering what you should do with the items you are moving but you don’t want to get rid of permanently.  Here are some ideas:

FIND ANOTHER ROOM THEY WILL WORK IN. Guest rooms, playrooms, and offices are typically the first places I look for extra space.

TRADE OUT WITH A FRIEND FOR A FEW MONTHS. This is a great way to try different styles and save money at the same time.  

REPURPOSE THEM. For instance, maybe that console table can now serve as an entryway piece or maybe it can liven up that wedding picture that is hanging in your bedroom. Or maybe that stack of books will look great on the coffee table for a change.  

You don’t have to spend a fortune when making updates to your existing décor.  There are plenty of do-it-yourself projects with items that are from stores like The Dollar Tree and Dollar General. Search YouTube and Pinterest if you are having trouble with inspiration. One of my favorite DIY projects is to take an empty frame and add a beautiful card, calendar page, or just a piece of scrapbook paper. You will be surprised at how some new artwork can change the feel of your surroundings.  Besides, a season-inspired picture can often be quite beautiful. Here are a few more tips for incorporating new and/or reused items into your space:

Just because a piece is designed for a certain function, that doesn’t mean that it must be used in that manner. For instance, a clock looks great leaned up against the back of a bookshelf. They don’t have to be always on a wall.

The more personal the space, the more personal the details should be. I prefer putting wedding pictures and such in a bedroom or hallway leading to a bedroom. Leave your living spaces a bit more relaxed and comfortable for your guests. 

For heaven’s sake, quit buying matching sets of everything! You will have a more interesting and flexible space if you mix and match your pieces instead of having to replace the entire set when one piece gets messed up.  

Practice makes perfect. If you are having trouble visualizing an item in an area, play with the arrangement a bit. Get measurements and create a “faux” sofa or artwork out of cardboard and/or painter’s tape. You will be able to tell immediately if it is the perfect size for that wall or that living room.  

Don’t place furniture against the wall. I know putting items there seems natural. but don’t do it if possible. Instead, don’t be afraid to use furniture as a border. A room divided into several cozy areas is inviting and easier to decorate.

Be sure to use décor of varying heights. Taller pieces draw the eye up and add visual interest, while shorter items ground the area. 

Light is a décor piece. Task and accent lighting can add warmth and personality to a space. A room full of natural light will feel welcoming and happy. Incorporate light in all rooms in some form or fashion.

Fragrance is part of your home’s personality. Do you have “signature” scents?  Mine vary with the seasons, but they are the same year after year. You will be welcomed with the scent of balsam fir in the winter, “leaves” in the fall, lemon and berries in the spring, and New Orleans in the summer. I can’t stress enough the impact that fragrance has on one’s aesthetic experience.  

A hardworking space, like a kitchen, should function well or you won’t love it no matter how many beautiful things you have in it.  With that said, be sure to think of the way you want your kitchen to work and not how pretty you think it should be. Make your most used items as accessible as possible. 

Although rooms in your house are different, they all need to “talk” to each other to make your home feel cohesive. Make sure there are some similarities in each room. Maybe it’s the paint color that will tie everything together; or it could be the gold hardware. or the accent color you will use.  

Create little touches that make you smile. Maybe you enjoy little flourishes like tassels, so place them on doorknobs. Every time you enter and/or exit, you will be greeted with something you love. Maybe you love frog figurines (if you know me you know I love frogs, so I am speaking from my own point of view here.), then place them in inconspicuous places that will catch your eye, but not stand out like a sore thumb.  

In the end, “Creating Beauty” should be a fun and rewarding experience for you. If you get stuck or need a little push, don’t hesitate to contact a local stylist.  Feel free to contact me anytime!

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