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Resolutions for Kids

By Nathan Coker
In Bayou Kidz
Jan 26th, 2014

BayouKidz JAN14

Resolutions For Kids
A New Year’s Resolution for You and Your Children
by Cindy G. Foust

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO THE BAYOULIFE nation, as I sit recovering from the back injury I received from my Thanksgiving Day shopping expedition. Of course, I jest, but I don’t know what shopping spirit took over my body and forced me to lift the moratorium I placed on myself years ago, that precludes me from shopping on Black Friday, MUCH LESS, Thanksgiving Day! I guess the same spirit that took over the lady that rammed her buggy into my buggy in a local department store (to remain nameless in the event of a hit and run lawsuit), in her haste to get the 2 for $1 multi-colored toe socks. For real? I recently told my dear friend, Maré Brennan, that I intended to write about having good Christmas spirit, all year, every month, in the hopes that it might seep into the heart of those of us who get wrapped up in trying to save a buck seventy five (yes, one dollar and seventy five cents) on tubes of frosted lipstick. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for saving money, it’s the American way; but fist fights at the local retail giant over televisions and allegedly breaking in line (or, heaven forbid, letting someone out of line to go to the bathroom because they had been standing there for four hours) really got my writing juices going. Why? Because the logical topic for my January column would be New Year’s resolutions and I’m gearing up to relate some of my 2013 shopping experiences (and those of you that know me best, know I would rather suntan in an bikini than shop) to New Year’s resolutions. Okay, right about now it is safe to start questioning how in the world I will tie manic Black Friday shopping with New Year’s resolutions, but here goes.

I have been giving this column a lot of thought over the last few weeks, and doing some reading on having your children write down their resolutions for 2014. I even used my 15-year son old as my guinea pig (there’s a name you don’t hear much anymore), in trying to decide if he even knew what a resolution was. I was encouraged that he did in fact know what a resolution was, and in fact, showed a spark of interest in discussing his for the next year. After I assured him that I wasn’t going to make him write down, “I promise to put sun screen on every time I leave the house” or “I promise to eat two servings of fruit and two servings of vegetables everyday” I did attempt to redirect his focus to how he treats others. In researching for this month’s column, (I realize I am not a bio-chemist trying to find the cure for cancer) I read with interest the many, very credible, websites that offer ideas for New Year’s resolutions for children. Trust me, some of them are a little far-fetched, but one consistent thought was discussing with your children how important it is to be kind to others. I know it’s the Golden Rule, and most of us are taught that from childhood. But some of us, get lost along the way, like the rude, Christmas-spiritless (just call me Dr. Seuss, I am not making up my own words) shoppers that we have no doubt all been around. I’m telling you, just trying to get in and out of a parking lot during Christmas will sometimes give you a “Grinch-like” attitude. Being kind and considerate goes a long way sometimes and certainly gets the attention from others, when we exhibit kind behavior. Even if you don’t call it “resolutions,” sitting down with your children to focus on how they can improve their behavior is a great way to start the new year. And as I close, for those of you who also can’t believe that I wrote an entire column on being kind, just remember that a huge movement in ths country in our schools pertains to bullying and the shameful treatment some children receive. I’ve referenced being kind to others in other columns I have written over the last year, but now, I feel it is important enough to start the new year off with a gentle reminder to our children that being kind to others is one of the most important attributes a person can have. And that my friends, is how you connect the dots with New Year’s resolutions, Black Friday madness and the Golden Rule. I wish for you and your family a year of good health, prosperity and kind deeds.