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Ask Erin: Home Design Trends for 2018

By Katie Sloan
In AskErin
Jul 31st, 2017

Fashion isn’t the only industry that changes rapidly with the influence of designers and their trends.  Home design is, too, an ever-evolving industry that requires study and upkeep, if you want to stay current. Instead of runway shows, one must attend yearly conventions (markets) where designers come together to showcase their work, setting the trends for the following year.  Lucky for you, I got a front row view from one of those conventions, called “High Point Market.”  Below are my findings for what will be hot in 2018!

Beige and Brown are back!  If you never hopped aboard the gray trend, you might be in luck!  Gray designs were sparse in designers showrooms.  It was all about varying shades of beige and brown.  Consider a beige wall and brown accent piece if you want to update a room in 2018.

Black and white should make it into your color palette.  Think black and white tribal patterns, marble-like swirls, and stripes.  These patterns work great on pillows and other small accent pieces, but I also saw them on walls which leads me to my next trend…

Wallpaper!!  Wallpaper began its comeback in 2015 by making it onto accent walls and into small rooms (powder rooms) of newly- built homes, but it is coming back full force in 2018.  It seems that designers are tired of solid color walls and are switching the rolls a bit by letting furniture and accent pieces take on that roll for 2018.

Warm neutrals are all the rage for 2018.  You will begin to see neutral pieces of furniture paired with wallpapered walls in the upcoming year.  Walls are the new accent pieces!

Orange is the new black!   Ha Ha!  I had to use that reference!  But, seriously, the two colors that stood out for 2018 were orange and  red, so if you are ready to update your accent color, I suggest trying one of the two.  Or, you could actually incorporate both!  Orange and red look great together!

Nature comes indoors.  I have always loved bringing anything nature-inspired indoors, so this trend is right up my alley!  Bits of nature add a cozy, warm feel to any home, and they are practically free if you shop in your backyard.  Make an arrangement from flowers grown in your garden, for instance, or pick up fallen sticks and small limbs to incorporate into your décor.  I have been known to nail large pieces of driftwood to walls, and use large limbs for jewelry displays.  Use your imagination and see what fun ways you can incorporate the outdoors into your interior.

Mixology is here to stay!  Bars, bar carts, books about drinks and much more were all spotted at the market.  Little bars were incorporated into every room of the home to make them feel more like a hotel than a home.  Who doesn’t want to feel like they are on vacation every time they enter their home?

Animal skin is in!  FAUX, of course.  The norm is to see cowhide rugs and furniture, but the new trend is more exotic, like deer hide and buffalo hide.  Please choose the faux version to save money and lives.

Mixed metals.  This is a trend that is paralleled with the fashion industry.  It is ok, and actually trendy, to mix your metals! Do this in your fashion, as well as in your home.  Consider copper light fixtures and chrome or stainless hardware, for instance.  Mixed metals also look good with your accent pieces.  I love mixing muted gold and silver-toned pillows on a dark couch or rose gold and gold tchotchkes mixed together on a bookshelf.

For 2018, as well as 2017, it’s really all about creating a warm, cozy and special place to spend time with those you love.  Do what makes you  happy, and you will be on trend!

If you have any questions or comments about this article, please feel free to email me at erinlove@panachebyerin.com